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Busted and McFly Claims
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
claim all things McFly and Busted related, members, songs, albums, music videos... don't worry if your favourite member has been claimed, be imaginative, claim your favourite "bit" of them, how about charlie's eyebrows? danny's nose? even matt's big toe if it takes your fancy!

+ please please please check the claims list before making your claim, someone may have beat you to what you want to claim.
+ post claims as new post, not as comments on other posts.
+ members can have up to FOUR claims.
+ each person/song/item may only be claimed by one person, first come first served. no fighting now children!
+ claims requested on items already claimed will be ignored, this might sound mean, but it really isn't my fault if you can't follow simple rules.
+ if you leave the community you will lose your claims.
+ if you are getting a new journal and would like your claims transferred, please make a new post with your new username.
+ if you are deleting your journal, or you wish to give up your claims, make a new post telling me so, then i can make your claims available to other members.

+ claim requests which do not follow the rules will be deleted. even if you realise you have made a mistake, eg. requested more than 4 claims, edit your original post. do not post your corrections as a comment. i don't want to waste my time reading through comments on posts by people who can't follow simple rules.

Maintainer: __getoveryou
as the maintainer i can claim as many things as i want, cos i'm power hungry like that, but i'll do my best not to claim everything (although it is very tempting!)

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